About Toolbox

You were made for more…

The story has been repeated to the point of predictability.  A man gets to the top of his game – business, sports, politics, arts or academia – but despite his success he senses something is missing. There is an elusive itch he is still trying to scratch.  At Toolbox, we believe the itch is actually an indicator.  We are made for something bigger than and beyond success. We have been hard-wired for significance…for the kingdom impact found in a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

What Toolbox is all about…


Toolbox revolves around monthly lunch events designed to expose men from the marketplace to the joy and adventure of radically following Christ. Our speakers, which include high level business leaders, athletes, authors, journalists, and community leaders, all share “war stories” from their world and talk about the real stuff of life – struggles, temptations, success and failure, business and relationships – and what it means to know and follow Jesus in the midst of it all. They are all plain-spoken, practical and compelling.

The lunch events also spotlight next step opportunities to explore and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether you are just beginning to consider the truth claims of Christ or have been actively pursuing Christ for decades, there is something in Toolbox for you. Those opportunities include leadership roundtables, Bible studies, mentoring, and training that equips men to go back into their natural spheres of influence to be game changers in the lives of other men through Christ.

Our Mission

To help men in the marketplace come to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Our Values

The kingdom value of marketplace relationships

Because a man’s work world is so prominent and provides him with a unique sphere of relationships, we believe there is great kingdom value in our marketplace relationships.

The strategic wisdom of the easy ask

We are committed to creating opportunities that minimize obstacles and maximize openness, thus making it easy for men to invite a coworker or colleague to a Toolbox event.

The surprising power of life stories

Because people are drawn to stories, and life stories make Gospel theory plainly visible and relatable, we regularly use life stories at Toolbox events and groups.

The developmental importance of the next step

Because every person has a next step with Christ, whether they are just beginning to consider the truth claims of Christ or have been actively pursuing Him for decades, we always spotlight next step resources, opportunities, training and encouragement at Toolbox events.